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Zzuto rarely speaks, but when he does, we all listen.

-Mono: Let's think now. What do people get for outside events like graduation parties for protection against the rain?

Zzuto: [Thinking...]

Mono: Well, they are big and help a lot of people. [Continues to give more hints.]

Zzuto: I know! uh... rrrr....RAIN-SUITS!

-Mono: Dude, practice started 45 minutes ago. Where were you?

Zzuto: Well my car was really dirty so I got it washed.

[mono proceeds to have a heart attack]

-Well, we can call it "The medley of the woodland creatures."

-They must carry them at... like..."Pet Stores Across America" or something.

-Mono: Oh... Hey... you cut your hair, huh?

Zzuto: Yeah... well actually I paid somebody to do it for me.


Rock on.