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Ask the Bassist...
I probably won't have a decent answer for you but oh well....

Okay. This set of Questions is from my bestfriend and brother, DB (the best damn roadie EVER!!!!)
Q: "How much wood could a wood-chuck chuck, if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?"
A: My Dear friend, you know as well as I do that this question has been asked through out the ages. And only you and me know the answer to it...and possible Mike (Hardcore) Chera, I dont really remember whether he knows it or not. Either way, since you asked it, I will tell the entire world. The answer is 4. Bring on the next question and the Buffalo Wings!!!!
Q: After sending the first message, a message showed up on my
screen saying that if something "poop mouth" was said you would be slaped by all four of you.  To this I say, What the hell would be constituted as "poop mouth"?
A: Dave, this is a great question, and to be truely honest with you I'm not quite sure. Maybe it has something to do with being racist or offensive, or something like that. Or maybe it means you actually must have poop in your mouth. But if you really want an answer to this question, ask the drummer, because he updated that part, not me. I'm not allowed to touch any other part except this part, which I'm alright with, because I'd probably just turn the whole site in to a porn site anyways...or not.....whatever.
Hope that helped DB.
See you all around. Keep sending me stuff, because I like making these freak-ish-ly long, random, no meaning whatsoever.....I lost my train of thought. Sorry.

(The answers to these questions are only the thoughts and ideas of the Bass Player, not of the entire band....But you can still blame them for stuff...)

Rock on.